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We need more white people to understand this! @k_dirrty

work, kelsey.

Go the fuck in Kelsey

i’m baking kelsey some muffins you like blueberry

white people never listen until they hear it from another white person

this is why people say fuck all white people. 99% of you arent out here being Kelsey, talking to your own people, trying to make an actual difference. youre just counting your black friends, following natural hair blogs, and watching Meet the Browns.

Yassss for Kelsey and the comment! Bless! A sliver of hope has returned

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    Lil B

  • Artist

    No Black Person Is Ugly



Lil B - No Black Person Is Ugly

"I’m sorta like a panther, I’m silent like the underground
Dealing with the trials of life, how did we get here today?
Black people not showed in the media

I was told that you gotta afro, that you gotta big nose
That your lips are too big, that you’re talking low
My people understand, so why you don’t know?

It’s just communication
If we all sat down and got past the revelations
The future of the people
Advancement, tryna take chances, the media
Propaganda, it slandered the black beauty…”image

People been sleeping on lil b for the longest. He is not as dumb as everyone thinks he. Don’t continue to sleep on him please.

i’m just trying to be the type of wife who’s like:



  1. SURPRISE! I know you had a rough day at work, so I bought all your favorite candy, drank, and slushies!”
  2. SURPRISE! Got an amazing groupon for a b&b get away. Packed your suitcase & bought a box set of your favorite tv show!”
  3. SURPRISE! I told your boss there was an emergency on the other floor so you got 5 minutes to break me off in the back room!”

….shit like that.

I Swear This Is Me!!!! I Live For Surprising People.

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