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Friendly reminder this show was filmed in front of a live studio audience in one take.

And that all sitcom laugh tracks are taken from this show because the laughter was so sincere.

friendly reminder that this show was fuckin awesome

And most of the people who were recorded laughing are dead now. When you hear people laughing in sitcoms today, it’s the recorded laughter of dead people.

Well that escalated quickly




The liquor one killed me

the con artist was the one that got me. I wish I could’ve seen the look on the vet’s face when they figured it out.

Bruh, I fuckin love dogs. Lol so much more personality than cats. And that chocolate bottle one is the same as the shower curtain one but grown up i think. They have the same name and are both boxers.
P.S. That dog that faked the leg injury is one of the coolest dogs in history lol

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